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2017-18 Qualifying to Skate Ontario Championships

All skaters in STARSkate Level 5 and above must have registered by Friday, November 24, 2017 at 4:00pm.  Registration for the qualifying process is now closed.  Further details about this year's process can be found below.
This year, Skate Ontario will initiate a fresh look for the Ontario Championship event. Large numbers in some categories dictate that a qualifying structure must be in place for this event. The following will determine the eligible competitors to advance to the Skate Ontario Championships:  
Categories at the Skate Ontario Championships:  
  • STAR 5 U10, U13, 13 & over
  • STAR 6; STAR 7; STAR 8; STAR 9; STAR 10; Gold
  • Pre-Juvenile U11 and U13
  • Juvenile U12 and U14  
  • Open; Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile 
  • STAR 4/5; STAR 6/7; STAR 8/9; STAR 10; Gold; Diamond; Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile 
  • Bronze; Silver; Gold       
Maximum Entries per Category:
The maximum number of entries per category will be as follows: 
  • STAR 5 U10, U13, 13 & over – maximum of 18 entries
  • STAR 6, STAR 7, STAR 8, STAR 9, STAR 10, Gold – maximum of 18 entries  
  • Pre-Juvenile U11 and U13 – maximum of 18 entries  
  • Juvenile U12 and U14 – maximum of 18 entries 
  • STAR 4/5;STAR 6/7; STAR 8/9; STAR 10; Gold; Diamond; Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile – maximum of 15 entries 
  • Open, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile - maximum of 12 entries 
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold - maximum of 12 entries 
The Structure for Qualifying to the Skate Ontario Championships  
The top scores (see above for the maximum number per category) will qualify to enter the Skate Ontario Championships. 
Each athlete or team must register for the Skate Ontario Championships ranking series and name a maximum of 2 events from which to accumulate scores. The highest total score from the events you have selected will be used in the ranking system for each individual or team.   
Example of Score Ranking  
Athlete A (STAR 6) choice of events:  
Charles Dover Memorial Invitational and Make It A Date To Skate (athlete chose the maximum 2 events) 
Charles Dover Memorial Invitational:                          Score:  20.15            
Make It A Date To Skate:                                            Score:  21.22    
Athlete A ranking score: 21.22 
Athlete B (STAR 6) choice of events:  
Thunder Bay Open (athlete chose 1 event and not 2, therefore this score will be used as the ranking score) 
Thunder Bay Open:                                                       Score:  22.13    
Athlete B ranking score: 22.13 
Example of Ranking:
1. Skater B
2. Stater A 
Recognized Competitions
Any Ontario competition held between December 1, 2017 and March 4, 2018 can be declared by the athlete as his/her event for ranking scores. 
Registration Process for the Skate Ontario Championships Ranking System
Each Ontario athlete or team must register, free of charge, for the Skate Ontario Championships ranking system prior to the close of registration November 24, 2017 at 4pm EST to be eligible for a ranking position. The opening of registration will be October 30, 2017 at 10am EST.  The registration will be located on the Skate Ontario website.   
A running ranking system will be posted to the Skate Ontario website the Monday following each event.  
Skate Ontario Championship Registration
The top placements will be posted to the Skate Ontario website no later than 12 o’clock noon on Monday, March 5th.  Any skater eligible to register for the Ontario Championships will receive an e-mail with the link to the registration portal on March 5th.  Those skaters eligible to register for the Skate Ontario Championships will be given 48 hours (12 o’clock noon on Wednesday, March 7th) in which to register.  Failure to register by the deadline date of noon on March 7th indicates that you have chosen not to participate and the spot will go to the next highest placed skater.  
Alternate Process
In the case of injury or withdrawal of a qualified athlete or team prior to the start of the Skate Ontario Championships, the next available athlete or team from the Qualifying Series will be entered into the Skate Ontario Championship as the alternate.  If the starting order has been posted, the alternate athlete or team will take the starting spot of the withdrawn athlete or team.