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Admin/PA Program Schedule


**Stay tuned for a new PA Website.  Currently under construction as of September 9, 2021**

PA session assignments will be scheduled through our online secured PA Website. This allows us to plan and track Admin/PA attendance for our skaters.  No personal details are associated with this system other than skater name and email address and will not be shared outside of WFSC.

The Admin/PA Scheduler will send an email to all skaters on a monthly basis requesting that they submit their availability.  You will be advised of the submission period to enter your availability and it will be the skater's responsibility to ensure it is entered during this period.  Once that period passes, the calendar will be closed and no changes will be permitted.  

The schedule will be entered approximately 2 weeks before the beginning of the month. The calendar will be emailed to all PAs, posted on the board at the arena, and available to be viewed on the PA Website.

Each skater is responsible to complete the hours once scheduled.  If you are unable to attend, you are required to find a replacement.  It is the skater's responsibility to email the Admin/PA Scheduler at to advise of switches.

Note: If you miss a scheduled session without a replacement, you will receive a warning letter and a $20 fee will apply.  If you miss 2 scheduled sessions without a replacement, the Opt-out fee will apply.  

When making switches, the following applies:

  • Yellow PA can replace a Yellow or Blue PA
  • Blue PA can only replace a Blue PA

If you have any questions regarding the PA program, hours, PA Website or scheduling, contact the Admin/PA scheduler at

Instructions for entering monthly Admin/PA availability on the PA Website

  • Coming soon