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Program Assistants

Program Assistants (PAs) help our younger skaters learn to skate in our CanSkate and KinderCan programs.  They help the professional coaches on the ice, and are very valuable as their energy, enthusiasm, and excellent skating skills help our new skaters enjoy our sport.

The 2018-2019 Adminiskaters are:  Andrea Ionel, Elesha McFarlane, Isha Prasad, Ella Headrick, Kaitlyn Jones, Katie Walker, Kaitlyn Hunt & Olivia Walker.


PAs of the Month

September 2018:  Megan A (Sr.) & Panktie P (Jr.)

October 2018: Gabriella B (Sr.) & Samantha C (Jr.)



Program Assistant Schedule

Our PAs are scheduled through our online PA system. You will receive a email every month asking you to enter your availability into the PA system.  Our PA Administrato, will give you the date that you must complete this by.  After that date, the system is closed in order to create our schedule for the month.

It is YOUR responsibility to enter your availability in the PA system by the given date. If you don't, the administrator will schedule your hours. If you're not able to skate on your scheduled session, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement. Remember that a blue PA can be replaced by a blue PA OR a yellow PA, however a yellow PA can ONLY be replaced by another yellow PA.

All Intermediate A skaters (unless opted out) are either a blue PA or green PA (PA in training), and all Senior and Elite skaters are yellow PAs (unless you have opted out).

The PA website allows us to plan and track PA attendance for all of our skaters. Please note that personal information is not associated with these accounts.  You will only see your (hours required, hours completed, previous hours completed).

An email will be sent to each skater with the schedule before the start of the month but it can also be found on our website, posted on the bulletin board at the arena, and through the PA Schedule Page.

Directions on how to enter your availability, as well as see the schedule are on the PA Schedule Page.

Any questions regarding the PA hours, the PA system, and/or the PA schedule, please contact the Administrator by e-mail.