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Code of Conduct

Skaters registering with the Whitby Figure Skating Club (WFSC) do so knowing and accepting the rules and etiquette both on and off the ice.
Skaters are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable and responsible manner at all times on and off the ice, while representing the WFSC at competitions and skating exhibitions, and while wearing WFSC apparel.
The following etiquette governs the skaters, parents and coaches:
  • Foul language, kicking of the ice and bullying are not tolerated. The skater will receive a warning at the first offence by a coach or executive member. Upon a subsequent offence, the skater will be asked to leave the ice for the remainder of the session. If the skater refuses to leave the ice, their skating privileges will be suspended for the next skating session. As a final recourse, repeat offenders will be refunded the balance of the season’s skating fees and will have their membership revoked. Any skater who is a victim of bullying should inform their parent(s) and coach immediately and a letter of complaint should be sent to the President of the WFSC.
  • Socializing with other skaters is not permitted on the ice.
  • Pattern skating with more than two (2) skaters is not permitted.
  • Only authorized persons and skaters are permitted on the ice.
  • Skaters and coaches are not permitted on the ice with drinks, food or gum.
  • Skates must be put on in the dressing rooms only. Skaters needing to completely change from one outfit into another MUST use the Washrooms. Skate guards must be used in the lobby areas.
  • Bobby pins are not permitted, except on test days.
  • Skaters and coaches must leave the ice promptly at the end of each session in order to allow the Zamboni to maintain its schedule. The Zamboni is not permitted to enter the ice until all skaters and coaches have left the ice. Skaters are not permitted on the ice until the Zamboni has completely left the ice and the door is closed.
  • Parents are not permitted to interrupt a coach or Program Assistant (PA) while they are on the ice. If a parent must speak with a coach who is on the ice, he/she should do so while their child is in a lesson with that coach, however the conversation should be kept to a minimum so as not to affect the coach’s time with other skaters.
  • All Intermediate A, Senior A&B, and Elite skaters must complete the required Program Assistant hours, unless they have paid the ‘opt out’ fee. Program Assistants who miss a scheduled session without a replacement will receive a warning letter and a penalty of $20.00. Skaters who miss two (2) scheduled sessions without a replacement will automatically be put under the ‘opt out’ option and payment will be due.
  • Tests will not be permitted if there are outstanding fees owed to the Club.
  • Priority right of way on the ice shall be as follows:
    • Coaches and skating instructors
    • Skaters in a lesson with music
    • Skaters in a lesson
    • Skaters with music
  • Use of cell phones, iPods, and MP3 player, are not permitted on the ice. Skaters and coaches must leave the ice to utilize any of these devices.

STARSkate Rules

The following rules must be followed at all times:
Dance Session Rules:
  • During the dance portion of a structured session, dance music only is permitted. Skills or free skate may be taught in a lesson without skills or free skate music.
  • Skaters may practise any dance but must give right of way to those skaters skating to the dance music being played.
Skills Session Rules:
  • During the skills portion of a structured session, skills music only is permitted. Dance or free skate may be taught in a lesson without dance or free skate music.
  • Skaters may practise any skill but must give right of way to those skaters skating to the skills music being played.
Free Skate Session Rules:
  • Skills and dances are not permitted on sessions that are free skate only (ie. STARSkate, Competitive session).
  • Priority will be given to coaches requesting music to be played on all sessions. Skaters are not permitted to request their music, with the exception of LC/HC sessions.
  • Skaters must listen for the announcement of the solo music and corresponding skater to avoid interfering with the skater’s program. Yield to the skater skating to their music.
  • Skaters must wave their hand to signal the music player and to identify themselves to other skaters when their name is called.

The music room is to be used only by those authorized by the Session Chair. Every effort will be made to play a skater’s solo music at least once per session. Rotating solo lists are kept in the music room. Skaters with more than one (1) solo may select only one (1) to be played. The second solo will be played if time permits.

Skaters and coaches are not permitted to request the ice be cleared for any one skater.

Guest Skating Rules:
  • ALL skaters requesting guest skating privileges must obtain the Registrar’s permission at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If a session is fully registered, no guest skating privileges are permitted. Refer to the Guest Skating book in the music room for a list of fully registered sessions.
  • Guest skaters will be permitted a maximum of five (5) guest skates per Fall/Winter Session, if space permits. Guest skaters’ music may be played if time permits, but may not be requested.
  • Guest skating fee must be placed in an envelope with the skater’s name and skating session clearly marked on the envelope and dropped in the WFSC Dropbox on the door of the WFSC Office.  Skaters must also sign the Guest Skating book located in the music room.
  • Non-WFSC skaters trying tests at the WFSC will be permitted one (1) guest skate if space permits on the appropriate session (determined by their test qualifications), prior to test day. They will be permitted one (1) play of their music (per registered test).

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